About Us

Based at our Fitness Studio in Perth, UK since 2013, Funkstar Fitness specialises in group exercise classes such as Zumba®, Pound® and Kettlebells. Every week several classes are held so have a look at the schedule to find one that suits you. Funkstar classes have a reputation for being fun, action-packed and, most importantly, giving you a fantastic workout!

We hold all the required fitness qualifications to ensure that we give you the best possible workout experience. In addition to this, we have up-to-date first aid training, are fully insured and hold a public performance license for our music. We regularly attend training courses which allows us to bring you the most recent and exciting fitness programs.

Our classes not only give you an excellent all over workout, but you’ll have loads of fun at the same time. A thriving social scene has emerged from Funkstar classes where people who didn’t know each other before have become close friends.

If you’ve never been to group fitness classes before don’t feel intimidated – our classes cater for everyone regardless of fitness level or personal goals. Newbies can stand at the back and take it all in if they like, but we guarantee you’ll be busting moves in the front row in no time!

There have been several success stories from our classes.  Many people have lost weight, toned up or improved their fitness levels, however, the health benefits are only part of it. Classes are fun and the benefits of getting out and enjoying yourself with other people should not be underestimated.

If you have any questions just get in touch.