Motivation tips

Let’s face it, there are times when after a long day at work slumping on the sofa sounds far more appealing than exercising!  It can be extremely hard to motivate yourself.

If you know you really need to work out but lack motivation check out my tips to get you back on the right track!

1) Bring your workout clothes to work

The night before work make sure you pack your gym bag with your workout clothes and take them to work.  The effect of this is really powerful on your subconscious mind.  It helps you develop the mindset that you will go to class/gym straight after work.  Create the habit.  It’s best to avoid sitting down before you work out, you do not want to give yourself to engage in any thoughts about whether to work out or not to work out!

 2) Schedule your workouts
Put your workouts in your diary/calendar and treat them like a business meeting.  By having them scheduled in you are thinking about them and mentally preparing yourself for them, making exercise a priority.  Try to work out at the same time on the same days to create a habit!

3) Get a Class Buddy
Personally I’ve seen this work in my class. Working out with other people can help keep you motivated to exercise. When you’re alone, you really need that inner motivation, but exercising with a group of people will help you push much harder.  The great thing about my Zumba class is the friendships that have evolved from it, not only does it give people group support but there is also a social aspect to it!

4) Create a Rule
Make a rule and stick to it!  Create a workout target, make sure it is realistic.  If you plan to workout 3x a week make sure you have a rule that no matter what the week throws at you, you “will” complete your workout.  You’re not going to “try” to workout, or say you “should” workout, you “must” workout!

5) Reward Yourself

Reward yourself for your hard work, maybe it’s going to the cinema, buying some new clothes or a massage.  Rewarding yourself can help you stay motivated.  While you certainly can reward yourself with treats without working out, the reward feels much better and more deserved after a good workout.