I started Zumba a year and a half ago and I love it…..the exercise aspect is great, you can do it as high or low impact as you want. There’s no pressure to compete with anyone. The class is full of all ages and all sizes!! Chevonne is an absolutely brilliant instructor and we all just smile and laugh through the whole class. The dances are easy to pick up after one or two attempts! I have also made a load of new friends through Zumba, so much so that there is about 20 of us that have regular nights out…… I recently got promoted to Events Manager!! ha ha got to love Zumba……definitely changed my life for the better! Xxx

Denise Watson
Zumba is a great workout full of shimmies, shakes and lots of nonstop giggles. Chevonne is such a great inspiration, full of fun and encouragement, her energy keeps you going and drives you to work harder, her classes instantly lift your mood and put a smile on your face, you always leave class with such a boost. Zumba for me has been a great escape from life’s unexpected twists and turns, I’ve made some great friends, gained confidence, have more energy and weight loss has been an added bonus. I’ve been one of Chevonne’s Zumbettes from the start and we could not have asked for a better instructor, she is FAB.!!and I just want to say thanks for always putting a smile on my face and making class so much FUN. So for those who have never tried it, ditch the workout and join the party you will not regret it. See what Zumba can do for you. Sarah xx

Sarah Lumsden
Never thought i would enjoy Zumba and only started going to spend time with my daughter, I now love Zumba, Chevonne is a great instructor as she makes classes so much fun and gives easy to follow instruction, everyone is there to have fun,  no one criticises when you make mistakes.  I have made so many friends.   Anyone that mentions they fancy trying Zumba I recommend Chevonne’s classes.  Thanks Chevonne for making exercise so much fun.

Sheila Barclay
My name is Louise Lindsay and I’m a Zumbaholic !!!!!! Have tried to kick the habit for just over 18 months now, but Chevonne leaves you with the feeling of wanting more, more, MORE!! It’s so addictive, she’s was born to do it!! The best Zumba class in the country, by far.

Louise Lindsay